struggling right now I have a migraine and I'm aline and it is storming my fiance is at work but honestly he's barely making it at a 5 and a half hour job his back is bad and his knees and his shoulders and he has bipolar disorder (not a current diagnosis however) and he's applied for disability however he was denied ofcourse and his lawyers are working on the appeal but we are living in a 2006 camper and also I don't drive and probably never will...coping skills don't seem to help my medication isn't yet helping with any thing(it's new) and I've lost all my friends and almost all my family too I guess. I feel like a bad person maybe I don't deserve friends. I could reframe those things but why bother it never makes me feel any better. -_- I just don't even know why I'm here any more am I only living to survive? sigh I don't know guys and gals apologies.


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Emomomo


    It's okay to have these feelings but remember you are bigger than what you seem to have. You can be who you wanna be good or bad just find peace within yourself and hold up your partner if he does the same it's okay to cry. But remember don't let anyone stop you from achieving a new goal.

  • Boholife


    😥 I'm sorry you are feeling sort of "in limbo". I've definitely had those moments, where it seems like you have to spend all energy just to live, but not feel alive. I promise you it won't always feel that way. I know pretty words from a stranger aren't going to give you a huge boost of confidence and wellness, but for what's it's worth, #youarenotalone

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