How do you guys deal with overstimulation in public? I am currently hiding in the school bathroom because having someone sit next to me is too overstimulating.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • frankisgayx


    Personally, I've always done pretty much that. It's good to be open with your teachers, if you feel safe doing that, so you're able to leave the room if you need to. I actually didn't realize that I was so stressed and uncomfortable because i was overstimulated until I had already left school, nonetheless I approached my teachers when I needed to and told them the truth. "I can't concentrate on this test with so many people around me. Is there somewhere i can go? Can i retest with a smaller group?" "Can I please go to Nancy's office? (School counselor) I am going to have a meltdown in class otherwise." Etc. It can cause a lot of anxiety if you don't know what to expect.. but most teachers will be understanding, even the tough ones, in my experience.

  • SunInAugust


    Omg thats exactly it. Feelikg overstimulated by someone sitting next to you. I thought it was just me

  • ParanoiaK


    I also try to get away with it as soon as possible. I work in a department store that always has loud music, crying babies/kids, overstimulating textures of merchandise, overstimulating smells, etc. I either hide in the break room or bathroom.

  • Stinkyparanoidrat


    That's also what I do, I work as security for Target and there's a lot of overstimulating variables that affect me, so I hide in the camera office to zone out and recollect myself.

  • Finnyx


    Get earbuds that aren't easily visible and play comfort music, I listen to music all the time, it got me through school with minimum meltdowns and it helps a lot now that I'm an adult and have to advocate for myself

  • Beeble


    I carry stim toys, lavender and earplugs with me EVERYWHERE just in case! have a little overstimulation soothing bag with you :))

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