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  • Melby


    I’ve done one round and it gave me a horrible migraine and flu like symptoms for a few days. My pain Dr is trying to convince me to try a second round. He said he has a couple other patients that experienced this the first time but the second round they didn’t. Most the people I know that get it have good results so I think I might try it again.

  • Sis1


    Thank you for letting me know!! I have heard different things about it and want to hear what others have to say

  • Melby


    I think it’s worth a try. I think my body just doesn’t like Botox lol. I have a bladder disease and got Botox injected in my bladder and it was horrible. I couldn’t wait for it to wear off. Struggling with migraines is awful and usually makes us desperate to try almost anything. I asked my Dr when he did mine if he could hit some of my wrinkles for an added bonus haha. He said absolutely so that was a definite plus 😂

  • JessyAnn


    I got Botox for many years! It helped so much with the ‘tension’ like migraines.

  • ScarletFyre


    I did Botox for a little over a year with no side effects. Unfortunately it happened to not help the migraines either. But that was my experience. From what I've heard the success rate is great 🙂

  • Lesia


    Yes I tried two round of Botox. I had the strain in my back up around the base of me my head, one of the injection sites. Botox definitely did NOT work for me

  • MandazInTC


    I just got my first botox session this Tuesday. My doctor explained that it only relieves 25% of people within a month. Most people need 2 to 3 sessions to make a difference. My planned sessions are every three months so far. I had 31 injection sites, including my forehead, side of head, back of head closer to the neck, and a few in my shoulders. My doctor also explained that if an area hurts more, that's where the muscles are activated. I tried it because I was tired of pills, and Emgality was not working for me. The only thing I would warn is that it's a specialty medication. My teacher insurance was having a bit of a run around with it. Keep in mind cosmetic botox has like 60 injection areas. I feel lucky after my doctor told me that.

  • Gret


    I have been having Botox for a year now every 12 weeks, it's not a cure and definitely not fun but my migraines are way more manageable with the injections! I it took me a few sessions to notice a difference but its worth a shot!

  • giragitsprj


    I noticed a difference after a few sessions but over time the cumulative effect was even greater… over a year or more later, slowly seeing even more improvement… I think it gets your brain out of the pain cycle and the sensitivity, slowly. It’s been helpful & fairly safe if you have qualified neurologist to do it… not just any Botox specialist will do…

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