I just found out last month that I have CHF when I went to the emergency room because I was having trouble breathing everytime I would get up to do anything walking to the bathroom or kitchen or to my car or even getting dressed was to much. I would be completely out of breath and I'm already on oxygen and it wasn't helping much! as long as Im sitting I'm fine but as soon as I get up I need my oxygen! and I gained 8lbs in 24hrs I'm always uncomfortable and every once in a while I have a uncomfortable feeling under my right breast/ribcage area and when that area bothers me I have even more trouble breathing!!

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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  • Mr._Bell


    PLEASE HO BACK TO THE HOSPITAL!!! Your right lung maybe filling up with fluid. Last November I had the same issues with breathing. My right lung was okay but my left lung was taking in fluid. From the ER I was admitted into ICU. The next morning I woke up drowning from the inside because both my lungs were about 75% full of fluids. PLEASE GO TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP!!!!

  • AyyDub


    Ask your doctor about cardiopulmonary therapy after you seek immediate medical attention thru the ER.... This is imperative that you monitor and record everything going on with you. Do not ignore any signs.

  • Snoots


    Contact your CHF cardiologist. You monitor your weight and don’t gain over 3 lbs. if you gain more than 3 lbs call the CHF cardiologist immediately and tell them. Are you taking Entresto to help your heart pump? You will start feeling better when you do.



    I'm not asking for medical advice I would like to know How I am able To powerwash my mother's house Which took me 3 days I have been outdoors in the heat And I am also painting the front deck of this house. That being said, I was diagnosed with CHF2 years ago. My heart was pumping at 20% then. I hate hospitals I'm tired of getting my arm poke they cannot find my blood vessels. Several times I have stopped taking my medication the last time I stopped for almost 2 months, Then I started having Anxiety attacks from Hell. That was a big mistake because now because now my heart is beating at 8%, And yet here I am working outside. The main medication that I take is Flurosemide, And 2 other medications. I was supposed to have a life vest Before I left the hospital the 1st time but I don't have insurance so they kind of let me go and I never got one now they tell me it doesn't matter it it will not help me. I smoke menthol cigarettes and I smoke weed, How am I still alive. And one more thing I have not changed my diet whatsoever I eat chicken fried steak mashed potatoes everything I eat ice cream and I'm not supposed to have more than 1 Leader of liquid in a 24 hour period, I have gone over one l leader Every day in the last 2 years in the last few days I have gone well over like 80 oz or more. I'm sorry one more thing 2 weeks ago I fried one pound of bacon and ate all of it And did It again several days later. I'm a skinny man 56 years old And no matter what I do I cannot gain weight Because all my blood vessels are shrinking supposedly. I am basically a walking dead man That's what 8% means to me So I'm going to live my life the way I want to live it. I cannot afford the healthy stuff Because I cannot work supposedly. Can anybody relate to this.

    • AyyDub


      I can relate. I get the same way. I do wear a defibrillator pacemaker to keep my heart pumping. There are so many days I want to just stop doing all the medical stuff to keep me going. I just wish the battle was over sometimes. I get so winded doing anything. Walking up and down my stairs is a task. Catching up on laundry takes me a week or more cause I don't have the strength.

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