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I don't think I have an actual eating disorder, but I'm struggling with my eating habits.

my entire life, I've been skinny and constantly told how skinny I was, in a good way most of the time. so now that I feel like I'm gaining weight, it's very dramatic for me because I've always been told I'm skinny. even a little weight gain makes me feel fat, so I don't want to eat because it'll make me fat. I've been forcing myself to eat at least a little, but it's often hard because of the thoughts I have.

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  • stay


    I kind of know how you feel. Ever since I lost weight I've been hyper focused on how I look. I notice right away when I've gained two pounds. Because of Thanksgiving I gained three or four pounds and I've been freaking out. I want to eat less but I can't because I know it's not healthy. I don't really have advice. It is better to eat because if you don't you can gain more later. If not that you could get sick. For me, I found that most of the time my body adjusts itself and the number goes back down on it own.

  • Jgrazia89


    I totally relate to this. My boyfriend’s mom loves to comment on my weight when I’m looking skinny.. then I feel good about myself and don’t want to eat in fear of gaining too much & not getting those types of comments. It’s good you’re trying to eat. Advice wise.. if you don’t have an appetite, maybe try some shakes (slim fast, ensure, etc.) just to make sure you get your nutrients in without forcing down like a Big Mac and feeling super fat. Good luck to you!! 🤗 🤗

  • darkstarrynight


    I relate to what you're going through, both my parents are overweight, but I'm skinny. It's been one of my fears to become fat. But I do get kinda of bothered that I can feel my ribs at bit and stuff. (I'm heavily underweight, like 50- 100 pounds lighter than other people my age.)

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