Hi everyone. I'm new here. I was dx with a peptic ulcer in 2015 and I've never been the same since. I was put on sucralfate and eventually got better but stress had gotten the better of me and my health. I was recently scoped and have intestinal polyps, gastritis, inflammation and GERD. I'm trying to navigate the right diet to fix this but I feel like everything upsets my stomach.
I just wanna feel normal. who can relate?

Gastric & Duodenal Ulcer-Peptic Ulcer

Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)


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  • joyjoytsak


    I had gerd so bad I couldn't sleep or I would choke. I totally understand.

    • MirandaS


      same! So many nights I'd be up and only get an hour of sleep because laying down or trying to sleep was unbearable 😣

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