Hi guys. I’m having terrible terrible anxiety. I’ve have noticed for weeks that every once and a while my heart heart will rise and I feel it in my chest. There are times even so where I’m dizzy too. Sometimes it affects my breathing as well. I’m also very anxious because I’m not sure if this heart rate up and dizziness is anxiety or is it a heart problem. I’m going to the cardiologist Monday and I’m soooooo nervous and anxious I just keep worrying about and thinking the worst. Can anyone put my mind at ease???? Or some coping mechanisms to help me calm down now and even at the appointment???? I just want this over and figured out. Monday can’t come sooner 😢😢



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  • UCBree


    What you're describing sounds like anxiety and panic. Those are all symptoms of a panic attack. Very safe, but they trick you into thinking you'll die, have a heart attack, etc. Work on some nice deep breathing. I'd also like to recommend Ubiquinol 100 mg to help calm down your heart palps. I take it 3x a day, and it has been a God send. Your body stops producing it after a while, and we have to supplement. As always, check with your doc or pharmacist to make sure it won't interact with any meds you may be on. Just know you aren't alone and you are safe. ❤️

  • Daretta


    My daughter had horrible anxiety attacks. After my husband died, I started with them. Her advice was the sensory method. Ground yourself. Focus on site, something you see, smell, hear and taste. Savor each one and it should ground you.

  • Moochie


    💕see a cardiologist it’ll give you comfort

  • KT_Lane


    I really empathize with you and I’m sorry you’re going through this! Sometimes my anxiety and panic causes everything from heartburn to hives to dizziness or trouble breathing, which feel scary and are also symptoms of physical disorders I have so it can be a mind game for sure. Ruling out heart problems can be helpful but I find personally that fixating on the symptoms make them more intense. Instead I try slow, deep breathing, grounding with all senses. Etc

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