I am trying medication again to manage my bipolar disorder. I have a history of severe manic episodes so avoid any SSRIs but I’m in need of suggestions for mood stabilizers that also help with depression and anxiety. Any one have any helpful meds in mind?

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  • Fortitude


    It's expensive, but I'm loving Latuda. I'm also on an ssri and anti-anxiety, but those didn't help hardly at all until we added latuda. It keeps my hypomania and depressive phases in check and I'm overall a much more level person.

  • Hunnybunny2016


    I’m also on latuda and it has really helped me a lot, it is very expensive but you might be able to get it for free from the manufacturer if you don’t have insurance to cover it

  • sleepyaries2


    latuda was amazing for me, it saved my life more than once but yes, it got too expensive for me. i have switched to vraylar which is supposed to be similar to latuda if you’re looking for a cheaper medication <3

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