Hi people. This goes out to those who have digestive diseases/disorders who have been hospitalized for a long time: Has anyone experienced a "burning" feeling in your mouth when you eat food? It doesn't feel like an allergy. More like my brain is saying "this food is spicy". Keep in mind, I had to recover from a pancreatitis flair and couldn't eat ANYTHING for 1/2 a month while I was in the hospital and had to slowly re-introduce food back into my life. I've been fine for a while, but all of a sudden it's like the textures of the foods are unknown to me. Thoughts would be appreciated.


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  • Blurple


    This happened to me after being in the hospital for pancreatitis requiring surgery. I hadn’t eaten In three weeks, similar to you. It took SIX weeks for that sensation to disappear. My doctors weren’t sure as to what caused it. I could tolerate only very mild textures and lost a significant amount of weight. I wish I had better news but you’re not alone in this. Best of luck!

  • Spidey


    I’m not familiar with the burning sensation you’ve described, but because of the long time of fasting it took a few months for me to recognize again the textures and flavours of many types of food

  • Itsjustfi


    I have had major issues with food textures since being diagnosed with pancreatitis. I have given up so many foods at this point and ways of cooking food. The biggest being microwaved. I am currently managing my pancreatitis through diet and have had more luck than the medication and absence of food. Very small meals every two hours has been the magic for me.

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