Hey all,
I was finally doing well with my asthma control and got down to 9mg of prednisone after nearly 2 years of 30+mg/day. I had another ER visit this last week and they bumped me back up to 40mg! All of the side effects came back and I’m super frustrated that I have to taper down and have withdrawals again. Anyone else struggling with something similar?




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  • Palmspringparrott


    I’m on symcort and albutrol

  • Kim2022


    I use alburrol. I'm sorry that happened to you. I have been lucky enough to not have had to be in the E.R. except there was 1 time I probably should have been taken, but my track coaches didn't care. As soon as we got to the bus, I literally laid down on the seat and passed out. I woke up again almost back at the school. Apparently people tried to wake me up, but couldn't.

  • taylorg


    i take levabuterol

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