I’ve been getting more irritated easily lately and I don’t know exactly why. It’s triggered by even the small things. I might be going into a depressive episode but it’s more of an anger irritation rather than a sad irritation. Can anyone help me with figuring out why?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • spade


    Tbh I feel the same way.. I have no idea why either and it's very frustrating

    • bean12


      it’s frustrating because I get irritated because I don’t know why i’m getting so irritated lol

  • Jus


    i know exactly what you mean and its awful because i create unnecessary conflict and arguments with people i care about

    • bean12


      yes exactly. i keep getting into arguments and having conflicts with my girlfriend and im not quite sure why

      • Chesbro99


        I do that to when I'm unrationally irritable. I think it's hypo mania for me

  • des00000


    I'm going through this now, every little thing makes me so annoyed. For me it's an indication of a depressive episode.

  • Carly1963


    Bean12, I have been feeling that too💜💜💜

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