Help!!! Have had constant lower abdominal pains for years. Diarrhea after eating pretty frequent and keeps getting worse. Been to ER twice with nothing being found. Went to GI series with nothing being found. Endoscopy colonoscopy nothing found but yet still pain and diarrhea all the time. Anyone out there have same issue ?

Chronic Generalized pain

Abdominal Distention


Acute Anxiety

Acute lower abdominal pain

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  • court12


    I have thus same issue! The doctors always tell me it's caused from stress or anxiety. Mine comes and goes though, the longest I've been okay and not having these issues is a year and then it comes back worse and I can't eat/drink anything without pain for months at a time. My weight fluctuates so badly because of this.

    • JayHey


      do you think it’s stress and anxiety? That’s what my family tells me but It doesn’t seem like this could be from that. Same thing when i eat drink It gets worse. What is this

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