it's extremely hard for me to interact with people. I never know what to say, I always feel like I'm doing something wrong, and I can hardly focus on a conversation. I feel like something is wrong with me. its exhausting because i really do wanna have friends and not be so anxious in public. anyone relate?

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  • PsychoGamer44


    Social anxiety, yes I relate to this all the way. It gets better the more you interact with people. If you're not in therapy you may want to look into it, behavioral health can help point you in the right direction. Hope this gets better for you, we're stronger than our mental illnesses 👊🏻💪🏻

    • Strawberry_Swisher


      thank you I appreciate it. I've always been scared of therapy but maybe it would help.

  • WhiteFlamingo


    I second what PsychoGamer44 said. Therapy can help with social anxiety. Although, I didn't get help for this while I was in therapy. My therapist got a new job before we could really dig into my issues. While I've been working on it by myself, it has helped to go out of my way to talk to people. Part of the process has been essentially proving to myself that nothing I'm afraid of is true when I talk to strangers (Are they judging me? Am I doing this wrong? Do they think I'm weird? Are they going to make fun of me?). Another thing that helps is to do what I can to get out of my head. I find that I have much less to say when I'm busy worrying. I also worry more when I focus too much on the fact that I'm not saying anything. When I get out of my head, even if that means saying nothing and looking at my surroundings while sitting with a person, it feels a lot less daunting.

  • beignetbandit


    i struggle with this a lot as well but therapy has helped me a lot <3 my therapist has given me some tips that i would be happy to share, but getting into therapy like the above two comments said may be really helpful for you! feel free to message me if you ever need anything ☺️

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