Struggling with a lot of pain lately. I get a hida scan done on Monday of next week. Little nervous that it’ll make me nauseous. But anyways, anybody have any tips for dealing with the pain? Not much seems to work.

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  • Nikki75225


    I usually drink liquid magnesium powder drink In water , what was result of your hida ?

  • Mermtar


    Dandelion Root Tea (amazing), Digestive Enzymes before meals, Apple Juice/Apple Cider Vinegar, and Tylenol while avoiding foods that my Gallbladder “doesn’t like” have pretty much eliminated the attacks but it depends on whether or not you have stones. If it is just your Gallbladder function (which you’ll see on the HIDA scan) then essentially your Galbladder is inflamed so taking anti-inflammatory steps are essential. My Naturopath/Homeopathic doctor thinks that he can heal mine since I don’t have stones, if I don’t have many more attacks then I’ll go that route but the attacks are excruciating so we’ll see. Btw, the beginning part of the HIDA scan is pain free, it’s just boring as heck and long but there is only 10 minutes where you could experience pain if your Gallbladder isn’t functioning well and they let you know before they start that part. I’m Not going to lie, it really hurt but it doesn’t last that long and depends on how bad your Galbladder is. Have medicine ready for afterwards like Tylenol if you can take that.

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