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For the past four weeks, I've had pain across my stomach and the right side of my body, and somehow no scans at an ER indicated anything was wrong. Several employees made it sound like it was a gallbladder issue, but couldn't find anything indicating stones or inflammation. Had an endoscopy done a week ago and am waiting on results for that, and I have a HIDA scan scheduled for another month out. it seems that if I eat just until I start to feel full, I get this unbearably right and sharp pain across my stomach and my ribs. All I've been able to eat is bread with jelly or Uncrustable sandwiches. Even soups or chips or anything that isn't what I listed above sets it off, and it lasts for several hours and makes me almost pass out each time. Anyone have any ideas on what this could be? I've already lost close to 10lbs from this and I really really don't want to lose any more, I'm hungry all the time and I'm getting snappy and irritable at everyone and everything, I hate it. ):

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Some people have experienced similar symptoms and found it to be related to gallbladder issues, even without the presence of gallstones. Others have found it to be related to conditions like endometriosis or IBS. Some have also found relief after being treated for gut infections such as H. Pylori. However, these are just possibilities and it's important to wait for your test results and consult with your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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