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Every couple of periods I have unbearable cramps. Sometimes I’m lucky with mild-moderate cramps, like my last period. “Bad period” Symptoms ; * Cramps that leave me moaning n flailing on the floor until I have bruises * Body temperature risen, but no fever * Shifting between vomiting and diarrhea-ing * Typically a very heavy flow once the bleeding starts * Extreme pain first day, and a bit more the second day, but after that it’s tolerable But yesterday (it’s 3am currently), I got my period, barely any blood, and all my usual “bad period” symptoms. I was expecting it to be less painful this time because I kept having mild cramps about a week or so in advance (don’t normally experience that…) Normally I would have bled by now too, but I haven’t. I mean, barely anything has come out. Could I be pregnant? I lost my virginity to my long distance boyfriend June 26 on our first time meeting irl. It was on the first day of my period (wasn’t aware of that till after!). I think we had sex 12+ times during his week long visit - we used condoms until we ran out. Btw it HURT. Bad. Every single time. But I kept doing it bc I expected it to get better but sadly it never did. He never ejaculated but there is a possibility of precum; he thought he came accidentally at one point but there was nothing. I can’t remember when this happened, but awhile ago I got a bit of orangey-pink blood when I wiped? Way before my period started. Idk if that’s implantation bleeding or smth similar, cuz I’ve never experienced that. It was one time only, didn’t spot. Anyways my main concern is that I had all my usual suffering but barely any blood. Not normal for me. I’d like to get a pregnancy test bc my boyfriend keeps freaking me out about the possibility. But I live w my anti-abortion mom in my anti-abortion state, currently without a drivers license, annndd I’m unemployed. The only way I can get a test is if my bf mails one, but he’s afraid of my mom seeing the package. So yeah :( any additional information on why sex hurts every time would also be appreciated. He said I was really wet + blood is a lubrication, so I’m scared it’s smth deeper than being dry

    • SquippyMars


      Unsure about the pregnancy part, I'd suggest you take a test though. If you're able to take a walk to a gas station or convenience store, they should have tests. If your not able to, you could have your bf mail it discretely. Either mail it to a close by friend's house, or he could put it inside of something like a stuffed animal and ship that. As for pain during sex, there's a lot of reasons that couple be happening. For me, it turned out to be mainly caused by a latex allergy. If that turns out to be an issue for you, there are great latex free options. Things like PCOS and endometriosis can cause pain during sex as well. You could also experience it without any real diagnosable "reason" for it. It just takes time and experimentation to see what makes it worse, how you can avoid it, and what both of you can do to make it an enjoyable experience. This is also 1000% something you can (and should) talk with your doctor about. If it's from a diagnosable issue, treatment of that can help, and if it's not, they can help recommend things to treat the symptom itself. I also want to touch on the fact that sex does *not* equal penetrative sex. If you can't handle it, it's not a (metaphorical) death sentence. You can still have a good time that you both enjoy without penetration. I hope everything works out for you. It sucks having health issues, and especially when they're relating to such a taboo topic. My inbox is always open, if you want to talk about this topic or any other 😌

      • gutterbunny


        @SquippyMars Hey, thanks so much for your response. It’s really nice to hear from someone. Feel free to dm me also, if you feel like venting or anything. Btw I was able to get a test and it was negative 🥳

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