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I want to start running for my mental and physical health. I want to start by running around my neighborhood but I’m a little put off by the idea of getting hot, sweaty, and sticky. It’s one of my biggest sensory issues. While running used to make me feel good, the sweating part has always been the worst and the fact that it makes me shower more often is both good and bad. Good because I’m usually bad at a shower routine and it’ll force me to get in the shower and bad because showers give me terrible anxiety due to the whole sensory mess of it all. I might just end up cutting my hair again and cut down my whole shower routine to the bare necessities. I’m also a bit afraid of going running around my neighborhood. I will be running by myself. I’m afab so it’s a safety concern. I’ve been even more hesitant because I’ve been binging true crime shows and most victims are women around my age. I wish I had a running partner but nobody wants to run with me. Any tips on how to stay safe?

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      Turn on location/ install a tracking app on your phone so family can see your location. Running on a treadmill will allow you to have a fan so you don't get as sweaty

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Some suggestions for staying safe while running include wearing large headphones to deter people from talking to you, jogging with a friend or talking to a friend on the phone while you jog. If you live in a very safe area, you could also listen to music while you jog. As for dealing with sweat, swimming was suggested as an exercise that involves minimal sweating. For showering, some tips include doing it suddenly without thinking about it, listening to podcasts in the shower to take your mind off of it, and using wipes instead of showering when you lack motivation.

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