When you reach out for help for suicidal thoughts, why is the "solution" incarceration? People wonder why so few individuals seek help.

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  • Cyprus87


    I’ve always felt that way about that subject. Don’t say anything, and you risk harming yourself. Say something and be forcibly hospitalized.

  • DitsyDiabetic


    I’ve been to jail and the mental hospital…. Let me tell you right now they are NOT similar, at least where i am. I feel MUCH better/comfortable/safer in any hospital around here. Jail wouldn’t even give me my insulin and i almost died so

  • Teardrops


    Well depends on how you reach out, and how severe or serious the thoughts are. I have thoughts but want to try to keep going on with my life so I’ll text or call a warm line or hotline to talk to a counselor or peer support specialist. I may also try texting or messaging friends/ acquaintances. I try to stay away from the ER because of the wait and two usually ended up in the hospital which I hate the beds, medications changed and then quickly discharged never know about side effects and it take weeks or months to find or if the combo works. Sometimes just texting or phone calls are enough.

    • Cyprus87


      The solution still shouldn’t be to forcibly hospitalize people. Locking people up against their will is hardly good reinforcement for people to express suicidal ideations.

  • housesucculent


    this definitely causes me a lot of anxiety

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