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My dr gave me lamotragine for bipolar and bupropion for adhd/ocd/depression. I stopped taking the bupropion after a while because I started getting more forgetful than I already am. To the point of forgetting what I am doing at every action. Complete blank slate, and hard recall of the days in general. I am disappointed because it really helped the ocd and seemed like it was starting to help the adhd. I always refused treatment until recently so I am not very knowledgeable of my options. I haven’t rescheduled since my last appointment. I’m having trouble being consistent with taking the lamotragine regularly so I stopped it as well; aside from occasionally after a manic episode. I need help but what others can help me with is limited if I don’t take my meds how I’m supposed. It’s all new to me. It feels like it was easier when I didn’t know I had mental problems..

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      I feel the same way sometimes, that somehow I made myself worst by educating and trying to help myself. When I first started medications I felt that feeling non stop but as time went on it became less frequent. I try to focus on the fact that it may not be easy but I’m taking the steps to feel better. I was put on lamotrigine a couple months ago to treat my bipolar 1 and I had tried bupropion to treat my adhd/depression as well. I had the exact same side effects. My dr switched me to Ritalin to help treat my adhd. Maybe you can give that a try. The advice I have for the ritalin would be to monitor closely for the first two weeks r so. I know it seems hard to keep up with it, it took me months to finally stick to keeping track of two weeks. But when I did it told me so much. The only side affect with it that I experience is that I become a bit more irritable while being on it for a couple days. But it definitely helped me with focusing and not spacing out. All that matters though is that you start this journey when you feel ready.

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