This week has been extremely hard for me. I’m so tired. Joy is fading away from everything. I feel like I’m unable to get anything done. I’ve started using self harm as a way to punish myself for not accomplishing as much work as I want. I have suicidal thoughts every day and they continue to drag me down. I don’t want to reach out to anyone close to me. I feel like I’d only be burdening them with my issues. I’m in several leadership positions and I keep putting up a mask like everything is fine, I don’t want my issues to contradict what these organizations stand for, but I feel like I’m slowly crumbling down. I don’t know what to do…

acute lethargy

Suicidal ideation

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Low Mood

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  • Tomato


    Hey, I can relate to what you just wrote here. I sometimes feel like you just described here. I understood that all I needed was a place to vent my frustration from everything. I started to see a therapist and she became my address of venting my frustration. It truly works

  • Dad.of.Many



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