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Last night i saw someone use the phrase emotional dysregulation and described something that I have an issue with: heightened emotions when I'm overwhelmed. Just last night I ended up in an argument with my mom that once again left me furious over the tiniest BS. It made me so angry that i couldn't even finish my homework and I don't want to go to class. All my life, minor disruptions and particularly heated comments would fill me with despair or rage. I hate it. I genuinely do, especially when it impairs my judgment or leaves me hating my life. I guess I'm just saying that if there's anything i can do to mitigate it, i would. Trying to write kind of helps. Distancing myself just makes me dwell on it more. My friend said that i have to pick my battles but its hard when everything feels like an impulsive street fight.

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    • beater.queen


      @Nae99 I agree with the cold water thing! I whitewater kayaking to cleanse my mind and energy at least once a week.

    • Nae99


      BPD and ADHD here. emotional dysregulation is a struggle. Doing yoga in the morning kinda helps and then I sprinkle in little mindfulness things. If you can walk away try some small mindfulness things. Cold air or water can calm the mind a bit...discovered that's why I like swimming so much. Again if you can walk away and have access to something cold like a cold water bottle put it on your face, neck, and even drinking it can sometimes help. DBT therapy has a lot of things that help with emotional deregulation. Try what you think could work for you and go from there.

      • beater.queen


        @Nae99 I agree with the cold water thing! I whitewater kayaking to cleanse my mind and energy at least once a week.

    • beater.queen


      I've done a bit of research on this topic as an adhder. It seems to stem from an anxiety issue whether it's GAD or social anxiety. For me personally, it's social anxiety. Adhd coupled with anxiety is problematic bc of our impulsivity symptom. We go from "oh that kind of sucks" straight to very intrusive and extreme thoughts. It's not necessarily a disregulation if you read about it as it relates to adhd. It's more immediate emotional magnification. We still feel the initial feeling but take it to the extreme. But if you think about it, we do this with positive things too. Emotions start "normal" and end up on the extreme end of the spectrum. I don't really have an answer for how to keep it from going to the extreme as I am still working with my therapist on this particular issue, but I can say the thought categorization she's been having me do at least makes me aware of what is happening so I don't do anything particularly stupid as a result of the magnification of the initial reaction/emotion.

      • hippo05


        @beater.queen categorizing thoughts has helped me as well. Not add diagnosed yet, but looking more and more like I'm going to be soon. I've also learned to step back and decide which of those thoughts are logical, based on fact, and which ones aren't. That has helped a lot as well

    • AnimalBoy


      Usually for dysregulation you can use some kind of stim to help, anger is a big emotional reaction with a lot of adrenaline so it often requires more intense stims like exercise or yelling to process it and get it out. I usually like to punch or scream into a pillow and then sit and fidget with something while I process and contemplate the situation.

    • beater.queen


      One of adhds symptoms is emotional disregulation. We just feel things harder than neurotypicals. My adhd is coupled with crippling social's a wild ride. Cognative Behaviorial Therapy has been really important for me in trying to regulate my intense emotions.

    • Aaronb03


      Working of de-escalation during a disagreement and really focusing on how I'm reacting helps. Then it doesn't blow up, and i can be angry afterwards, but my anger won't make the situation worse

    • Alistrange


      This just happened to me this morning doctor surgery was messing my son around with appointments I just wanted to scream it felt like my head was going to explode it ruined my whole day, when I get like this I just want to shut the whole world out so it can't affect me anymore! I've only now started to calm down and let the day events go. But I don't always let it go sometimes I can argue with someone and not talk to them for months because whatever they have done or said sticks in my brain.

    • affectionatecactus


      Excercise always helps me ! Personally

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