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I've been struggling with this for a while but I just don't want to be made fun of so please be gentle with your words. I know it sounds stupid but I have an addiction to eating... no matter when it is, what it is, I don't care. I use it to cope, when Im bored or when I'm hungry I order way to much but eat it all even tho I know my body can't take it. I don't know how to make things at home because I don't even know where to start. I need to eat low carbs because my blood pressure gets too high from eating carbs. I'm currently 320lbs and I gained most of my weight in 2023 after my stepdad died. I just want my body, health, and happiness back. Any advice that isn't rude? please.

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      Sorry for a late reply, hope you see this! Addictions can be a variety of things, so in no way is your problem stupid. Eating addictions are very real and can be just as difficult to get through as any other addiction. If you have the ability to, I'd recommend a nutritionist to talk to, but a therapist will be just as helpful. I think the problem is less of what you're eating, and more of how much you're eating. I think intermittent fasting would benefit you, if you're interested in what that entails please message me! I am not a nutritionist or therapist but I will help you with whatever you need if you need it. ❤️

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