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I had a streak of waking up on a normal schedule but this month has been rough. I could not sleep at all last night, which is strange because I got up at 1:00 pm which has been early for me lately. I decided to stop trying to sleep and get out of my bed at 7:30 this morning. I fed my cats, cleaned a bit, and even did some work. I sat down on my bed to take my stimulants, but the next thing I knew was that I was laying down and my mom was covering me up with a blanket. I didn’t wake up again until 4:00 pm today. I usually have vivid dreams so I was worried that I just dreamt I got up, but I later got confirmation from my mother after waking up that I was in fact awake and helped feed the cats etc. I just want to be a functioning human for once. I’m missing school, activities, and more because of this disorder. Tomorrow I’m going to an event with my sister and we have to leave at around 10:00 am. I’m worried that if I sleep tonight I won’t wake up or if I don’t sleep tonight, I’ll fall asleep either on the way there or at the event. Any advice on what I should do? Should I stay up and take my stimulants tomorrow or try and sleep tonight?

    • CRPS_RSD_Warrioress


      I think you should first of all follow your doctors’ directions but if it was me I’d try to sleep (but would probably just lay there awake instead). Then I usually fall asleep in the car during a ride longer then 15min but then I’m okay.

      • kthedragon


        @CRPS_RSD_Warrioress thanks for the advice! My doctor said to take my stimulants 50 - 100 mg throughout the day until I hit my max dose of 250 mg. I do get up and move when I take them and keep myself busy, it just baffles me that sometimes I’ll be up and suddenly find myself waking up somewhere after an hour or so. My doctor also recommended to take naps throughout the day as needed but my naps shouldn’t be longer than an hour. Since this has happened, I’ve implemented some mini 20 minute naps throughout the day when I need it and it works! I just have to figure out how to go throughout the day without napping now because I highly doubt schools would allow that- Thanks again for the advice!! (I also fall asleep during car rides lol)

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