Good morning. This is my 1st post. I'm wondering if anyone is taking / receiving pain medicine for severe spinal stenosis? I've been on "pain management" prior to my diagnosis but have only been given tramadol. For myself that is like an aspirin. basicaly does nothing for my pain. Then this gets my anxiety roaring because I'm scared of losing my job because I can't stand or walk.

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  • CindiRose


    Your being on tramadol has everything to do with your doctor, not you. They are all afraid of getting arrested after the phony CDC trying to scare doctors stating there’s epidemic overdoses, well come to find out ALL THE OVERDOSES came from illegal Fentanyl off the street! It ended up hurting a lot of patients who genuinely need these pain medications just to have some quality of life and many of them committed suicide (I thank CDC actually wanted that to happen AKA depopulation) oh and WHOOPS!!!!! CDC forgot to set the record straight and a lot of doctors quit. Keep complaining of pain call every time you have excruciating pain, it’s up to us as patients to fight back on this bullshit. I’m so sorry you are going through this…. What your hearing from mainstream media is lies….. finally CDC admitted the claim but they have not “officially” changed it yet.

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