today I ran out of my apartment bc the government was sending spy's to get me... I ran and walked, screaming and crying for a few hours just freaking out and telling people to wake up bc they were all dreaming and the sky was telling me that we are all connected. I got blisters all over my feet from running bc I wasn't wearing shoes on the city streets and I didn't have my phone so I got lost. i had it in my head that I needed to go to the beach bc the water had a portal that would take me to the sky where I belong bc I'm an alien. but when I got to the river and saw some water I realized how scary water can be especially when it's so polluted so I turned around to go home and hide from the government there. but I was so far from home and turned around that I had a long trek ahead of me... finally a bus driver let me on without paying 🙏 then when I got off I fell asleep in a park bc I was so tired from all the running and walking. when I got up and started walking again, someone came up to me and asked me if I needed help (which I really truly did) her name was Grace and she was really my saving grace bc she led me all the way home with so much empathy. I truly am so grateful for her. thank you Grace.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • PutterThePig


    Wow, I can only imagine how horrifying that must have been for you. I feel for you in that extended moment of fear and anxiety. I'm so glad you recieved help, and what an awesome sign that the helpers name is Grace :). You're awesome, and you're a champion for being you

    • FinnWren


      thank you so much 💖 I think it was a good sign too!

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