Does anyone else experience "cortisol release" trigger migraines? The only trigger I've been able to catch is cortisol release on Thursday, let me explain. I work a 4/10 schedule and have a high stress job (it's been argued I make it that way). Thursday evening and into Friday, I feel it coming on. Related symptoms are tightness or tension in the rhomboids, specifically. I went to a massage therapist for a while which was awesome but she left the business 🤔. So I'm back to square one on managing stress to manage migraines (stupid). I thrive on stress (sicko) but it has this effect of trimming down the useful days of the weekend. Sumatriptan and Fiorecet don't always work and deep tissue massage is pricey on the weekly. Not sure if I'm looking for answers or if I'm just throwing it out there.

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