My fiance tested positive for covid today.. I'm very anxious and full of panic because I'm sure I'm next because we were just sharing a sofa yesterday, kisses ect. He didn't show any symptoms until today. I'm so nervous to get it because I just got over having pneumonia, I'm on the heavier side and have asthma. anyone care to chat? I'm just a nervous wreck I'm trying not to overthink myself into a full blown panic attack 😪

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  • belli


    I'm bigger myself and also have asthma I caught covid months ago and the first couple days were hell, qnd I had to stay home from work, but about 3 weeks later I was testing negative again. during that time tho, I tried to be careful but my partner didn't really care, we didn't isolate from each other, still slept in the same bed, he still kissed me, all that jazz and I would take him to work and he would have to take a rapid test every day before walking into his shift.... he'd take the rapid test in the car right next to me, and test negative repeatedly, so he never caught it and never had to stay home 🤷‍♀️ idk why he never caught it. but I can tell you even if you do manage to catch it from your partner, regardless of your choices for isolating, as a similarly built and asthma having individual I can tell you I didn't have much of a problem. it definitely sucked, but no more so than other flus. first couple days I had body aches, qnd headaches, but I just took some nyquil and slept most of it off. I felt very lethargic for about a week, qnd a consistent cough and almost loss of voice for about a month, even after testing negative. but I never had issues where I thought I'd have to go to a hospital, so there's that. for Frame of reference I also have had my vaccines, oddly enough my partner didn't get his and he still hasn't caught it 🤷‍♀️

    • Tishh


      Thanks for that its reassuring. Right now I'm just feeling Migraines, nausea, and cold chills. But we have all the proper vitamins and food to fight it off. Just anxiety loves to hang around lol

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