Does anyone else get really sleepy in response to anxiety or stress? WHAT DO I DO?! 😔

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Feeling of choking

acute lethargy




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  • Tomato


    Definitely. My body is getting tired from being in stress for too long. Sweating, fast heartbeat and breathing - all these symptoms weaken the body and make you more sleepy and exhausted

    • Honeyluv1


      this is what I’m also going Thru and it makes me more sad 😞

  • MoeCha


    I was also wondering if my anxiety medication plays a part in my exhaustion as well. I've been taking them for around 2 months now.

  • Stolas


    Yes, after all my energy is used up in fighting the anxiety and I start to feel calm again, I get major headaches and really sleepy. Sometimes an overwhelming sense of euphoria followed by fatigue. You're not alone in this.

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