I can't tell if we have OSDD or DID? I don't think we have OSDD-1a, because my system members are fairly distinct, and we do experience quite a bit of amnesia so I don't think we have OSDD-1b either. But I just really can't tell. Can anyone help clarify the difference between OSDD and DID for us?

Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)

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  • Tamaki


    The difference between OSDD and DID in my personal knowledge is that OSDD is simply when you don’t quite match the requirements for DID. If you look at the symptoms and specifics to DID and feel as though that resonates with you, that’s probably what you have instead of OSDD. Based on what you’re saying it sounds as if you have DID, particularly with amnesia and distinct members. I hope this helps.

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