so I changed my named after I came out but now I feel like I might not be non binary? I want to go back to my legal name but I got it changed at school and its just gonna cause alot of drama if I do so I don't know what to do I need advice 😵

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  • IndyMonkee13647


    So, I was actually the same way to an extent. When I was first figuring things out, I saw myself as more neutral and thought I was non-binary until I started using more men’s clothes, products, and doing things like shaving and peeing while standing up. It all just felt good and way more natural. Well, the name I picked before I realized I was a trans man was Indigo. Now, Indigo is technically a neutral name, but it’s more leaning towards women. Luckily, I like it enough because I think it fits me a lot. I will say that I got my name change my senior year after I turned 18 and I first realized something was up when I was 14 Wait, I just realized you were talking about just the school lol. Honestly, just do what makes you happy even if there is gonna be drama. I spent my transition period in a very very unsupportive school where I was talk of the school until I left (they couldn’t shut up about me for 2 years lol). I was called an it and confronted on how I wasn’t a real man all the time. But I’d much rather go through the comments then the feelings in my head. Also, things like this really show you who is there for you as well! I hope this helps and I send much love and clarity to you on your transition!

  • Olicat


    I 100% agree with the fantastic reply before mine. Don’t worry about what people will think. School will end and you’ll never see most of them again. Be YOU!

  • chris_lawso2970


    Don't worry what others think about you. The only opinion that matter is your own

  • AriJuda


    part of normalizing transness is normalizing fluidity and change, you're doing nothing wrong by going "back" to your older name

  • fakeosphere


    Just change it back, everyone has times like that. In the future I'd wait until you're a bit older to make changes like that, but ultimately only cishets make a big deal about it.

  • Another_Joe


    Always remember that we have the right to change our minds about things and that’s perfectly okay.

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