Back in around 1999 or 2000 I was diagnosed with epilepsy then back in 2008 ish I was told he was certain that I wasn't having anymore active epileptic seizures but still said that I would always be called an epileptic.
He also told me that if I have so much stress mentally or physically that they can come back at anytime and more than likely won't stop again.

Anyways a month ago I had an eeg done an awake one.
I had a few abnormal findings but didn't have an active seizure at the time of the test. The results shows that he said I have seizures now though so I'm just idk I'm scared due to I don't know when it happens or what kind I have now.
I go next month to see if I need to have an MRI done or the sleep deprived eeg this time or both.
I spent 13 years thinking that I was okay when I don't really 100% know for sure if they every ended or came back but different.

Anyway I guess my question is what's next in my journey?
I was so young back then I was diagnosed when I was round 5 or 6 and was told they ended when I was 14. So I don't really remember allot of it besides always going into the hospital to have blood work done or an sleep deprived eeg. Other than that I have no idea what my symptoms before or after was like after one or what it was like during one.

Sorry for the long post.



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  • Nimbus


    Hey, thank you for sharing. You said that your EEG was abnormal, but you didn’t feel like you had any seizure. I think you should think positive and don’t get to conclusions too soon. There are cases when the exam results are false, so we should really stay optimistic.

  • fulltimestudent


    There's different types of seizes just because I didn't feel like I had one doesn't mean I didn't. At this time were thinking complex partial since it's more common to get when you're previous diagnosed with epilepsy. Once you get older epilepsy changes.

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