So I have just had my second Psych appointment after 7 years of no treatment. I've been given the diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. I have a week until my next appointment so I'm asking here in case anyone has an answer.

I have the symptoms of MDD however, most of them do not show unless I get into a legitimately bad mood. I have the thoughts of sadness on occasion and the lack of interest but I only become seriously depressed usually in response to stress or just a bad day.
However, when I do encounter such a situation my depression becomes similar to Psychotic Depression at a certain point. Does anyone know if this is MDD, PD or both? I'm working on the impression that MDD is consistent with the symptoms but mine is situational to a certain degree so I'm confused. Thanks!


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  • E_belli


    My thinking is that it would fit based on your symptoms just because MDD can come in episodes. So you have a stable mood (which is possible) but when you have an episode you experience depression with psychosis. I think that's consistent with MDD, yours is just more episodic that chronic it seems like? Does that make sense? I'm glad you're able to seek treatment and have the mind to ask these questions.

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