I honestly don't know where this exactly is or what "diagnosis" causes it but when I get uncomfortable or just feel too exhausted/drained I don't feel like talking. sometimes I want to but my mouth won't move. inda like I'm shutting out or something. I've had this for a while but mainly it's been really frequent. unless it was work I did talk (I hated my job too though) but I just didn't want to, it feels like too much work to talk. T~T


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • reptar


    You could have selective mutism which is where you have trouble speaking or even unable to speak from anxiety and overwhelming social situations

  • Lunarr


    When I get overwhelmed I also experience this kind of dissociation! It's usually anxiety/stress related for me, when things get too much I close off and become numb, detatched, like I'm running on autopilot. I've also gone non-verbal in these scenarios, where I physically can't talk even if I want to or it feels like way too much work to talk or even eat sometimes. I think it might be a protective move by my brain to cope with my anxiety and high stress. It has lessened in recent years because I've learned better, healthier coping mechanisms. I don't know if this is what you're going through or if yours has a different cause but I do think it's worth considering it as a possible subconscious coping mechanism to deal with discomfort and exhaustion

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