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How do I get out of a nonverbal episode? I've been experiencing them a lot more recently. When I was younger I used to have moments where speaking became difficult due to overstimulation and anxiety, but I was able to basically force myself to talk when needed to appear normal. Now, I find that it is much harder to do that. I've gotten into trouble for it recently and I can't get myself to talk and explain. What makes it worse is that stress related to difficult conversations can sometimes trigger it, in which case the person that I'm having the conversation with assumes that I'm purposely not responding. Of course, feeling like I physically can't talk also causes more stress which then exacerbates the issue.

    • Sunshineseeker90


      Is this with personal relationships, do they understand that sometimes you are nonverbal?

    • Tw33t_Tw33t___Tw33t


      I know for me I’ve worked my self out of it by gradually trying different elements of speaking. Like when I had it it felt like my mouth was vacuumed/forced shut, so I’d start by just opening my mouth, planning what to say, mouthing words, humming softly then a bit louder, whispering the words and saying them louder until I was confident enough. If your in a conversation with someone you could trying using gestures to signal that you can’t talk and/or you need a second to regroup

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One of the suggestions provided is to take a communication break until your thoughts slow down. If you're pressured to continue, it could lead to a full meltdown. Another suggestion is to come up with a way to nonverbally communicate that you don't want to, or are unable to talk right now. For example, making an 'X' with your arms or hands can politely let the other person know that you're taking a break from talking for a bit. You could also try learning sign language for things you generally will want or need and teach it to your partner. Flashcards for all sorts of things can also be helpful.

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