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i finally made the decision to get a walking aid, as i am often in a lot of pain, mainly in my legs. i live over a mile away from uni campus, and the campus itself is pretty big, so it can be a pain walking, and i don't drive. i'm home for the week, and my mom learned of my walking aid, she knows about my diagnosis, and we've talked quite a bit about it, but i'm not sure what i was expecting. she made a very judgemental face, and her whole vibe was very "that seems very extreme" and now i'm just feeling like shit about it. it's already taken me months to feel confident enough to get a walking aid, i have often felt like i shouldn't because EDS can be a less visible disability and i didn't want to get judged or to have the wrong message sent because i only need my cane sometimes. i don't live at home, and my mom's opinion really doesn't hinder much, but i guess i'm just feeling frustrated that she's being weird about it. she basically seemed the chalk the whole thing up to me "not exercising enough", even though i'm underweight, i walk to campus every day, and everywhere what i need to go, and up until the last 8 months or so, i was dancing 5+ hours a day, but i'm in high levels of pain during all of those activities. i don't like being treated like i don't know what i'm talking about or my pain isn't real. i also don't really feel like i should have to explain myself. and don't get me wrong, i love my mom, we're very close, but since I've moved for uni, it's been hard because i feel like i am my own person and she doesn't really know who i am separate from her, so it's hard to be around my family now. anyway, i just needed a space to vent a bit, if anyone has words of advice or would be much appreciated xx

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It's understandable that you feel frustrated and upset about your mom's reaction to your walking aid. It's important to remember that using a mobility aid is about taking care of yourself and managing your pain, not about meeting others' expectations. Stay confident in your decision and focus on what helps you manage your condition. You can try educating your mom about EDS and how the walking aid benefits you, but ultimately, prioritize your own well-being and comfort.

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