Hi everyone! So I was diagnosed with Non-alcoholic Cirrhosis (fatty liver) earlier this year and was advised to lose 10% body weight to reverse it, so I lost 50 lbs since the beginning of 2022, which was the 10% needed. However throughout this weight loss, my AST and ALT levels have gotten considerably worse. My PCP said she isn't worried, but my other doctors are worried especially since my ALT specifically went from 75 u/L in May, to 130 u/L in November (the normal range is 10-50 u/L) and my AST went from 58 u/L to 74 u/L. All other blood tests are fairly normal, iron is high, but not concerning. My psychiatrist said she wouldn't be surprised if my insurance turned down further testing and that might be why my PCP doesn't want to look into it further.
I have a GI appointment on the 29th, but considering this doctor told me to do fasting(against all my other providers recommendations), I'm not too confident in her opinion 😬

Should I push for my PCP to look into this further? Or seek a hepatic specialist?

(We have already ruled out all hepatitis diseases and metabolic disorders that would apply, as well as thyroid issues and my medications as causes of elevated enzyme levels)

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)

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