I've had RA since I was 15 and I'm now 26. I've been struggling a lot lately with the pain. I'm about to switch medications with my doctor but my biggest problem is sleeping because I only have 2 position where the pain is endurance. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help ease the pain while sleeping? it's mainly in my hands and I have tried braces but it doesn't help at all.

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  • Tricky99


    Hi I also was diagnosed with RA young and I’ve tried a million different things to help me sleep better and one thing that I’ve found that helps me personally are a sleep specific brace. The ones that I have go over my wrists and hands and have a cushion that allow my fingers to relax. The back side also goes farther over to help protect my fingers and keep them in a more neutral position. Hopefully this helps!!

  • WildQveen


    Is it something I could get on Amazon or do I have to ask my doctor?

  • Kinsley


    I use both cbd oil and vape at night before bed. I tried melatonin but my dreams were too intense. I find CBD to be very helpful!

  • BearcatBetch


    I have had RA since 1993. And I’m almost 30 so I’ve tried everything. I’d say edibles work the best for me and tizandine to help me sleep but I’ve never had sleep cause my pain if that makes sense.

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