I have been having alot more pain and flareups over the last month and after being diagnosed and the physical changes and pain ive gone thru the last couple years it's hard to work my job. I dont think my boss understands or maybe even cares. I am looking for other jobs for people like me so that I can handle my health and still be independent. I think working at home would be best. What do you think? It seems like my pain and flares are getting worse and not better. Im getting discouraged.

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  • JustRachelle


    I think that if you’re still able to work then working from home might be the best option. I hope you find something! 💕

  • Dragonrollz


    Diagnosis is a very stressful thing to accept because the diagnosis makes it real.. try to process that & it may make your symptoms subside (it helped me) when it comes to work.. try to keep in mind most places are not aware of what fibromyalgia is & may be dismissive but that’s from their own closed minded problems.. it may be a little hard but I think a good understanding person will be there!

  • Lornamae


    I agree Sabrina...working from home is best but if I were you, do not leave your job!! It took me 5 yrs, including 2 hearings but just acquired disability!! Get ur MD to give you time & notes for times you need to be out sick & leave that way, with disability!! I did not do that...& should have!! With disability... you can work, to some degree, so then you do bookkeeping or other work from home gig!! All the best...I do have a natural source, no side effect remedy that can help you to feel your best but don't want to break any rules here!! Just trying to help...

  • MrsFuller


    I had to quit working due to a quick decline. My job definitely did not understand nor care due to the field. I babysit to make my own money and a small business. My first year leaving the work force was the hardest emotionally, second guessing myself, but I know now it was necessary.

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