It's getting a lot worse. My mom in specific triggers me a lot. It's the chewing, the mouth sounds while taking, the taking to long to finish her sentence. God it's awful. I feel a burning in my stomach and I just started to feel anxious when she does these things around me. What am I supposed to do? Can anyone relate to this? I can't get away. It won't stop. Please help.


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    I can absolutely. I feel bad saying this but am honestly grateful one of my siblings suffers with this too (he feels the same way) because it can be difficult to explain to people why it can actually hurt. People see it as over sensitive and causes some rifts in relationships. Trying to communicate is a good step, show her other people deal with it. If she isn’t receptive it is ok the set boundaries for your own health. I wear ear plugs at restaurants and if I’m with someone and want to have a conversation I just ask they don’t drink or chew when speaking

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