Is anyone else fully aware of their episodes? I've been told by multiple people that those of us with bipolar are unable to realize when manic/depressive episodes are starting, that we are unable to realize it until we are in them if we even know them. I always feel the episode coming on and am aware that it's happening (powerless to stop it, but aware). I've had a person tell me I must be faking my bipolar bc I am aware of my episodes, but there's gotta be someone else out there that can feel the episodes coming on?

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • Ellysabeth


    I am aware as well. I wasn’t always, though. I feel now that it’s almost worse… The absolute feeling of powerlessness sucks.

    • hsupermann


      I agree, I miss not know what was happening, I'd be fine with it if knowing that an episode was coming on helped anything

  • david69garza


    Its hit or miss with me but usually I dont notice it starting

  • wabe


    I'm usually aware of my mood swings. I know exactly what you mean about knowing what's happening but powerless to stop it. I've gotten myself into some bad situations and watch myself do it but can't manage to stop. It's gotten better over the years though. I'm better at knowing the warning signs and stay out of places I might get in trouble 😵‍💫

  • expressionista


    i feel like through the years i've definitely been able to notice the warning signs of an oncoming depressive episode but less so the manic ones (probably because the mania kinda feels good and fun at first until it of course ends up not being so)

  • kat132


    I can always feel episodes coming on. I think it really depends on the person and how self aware they are.

  • LonelyInKC


    The past 3 times I did not notice but now I’m hyper vigilant about everything that resembles a symptom. I realized a couple of days ago that I’m even scared of being “quirky” since that could be mania peeking through. It’s like I’m scrubbed off all personality and potential for spontaneity and that sucks

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