Diagnosed with EPI a few weeks ago. Had a CT Scan
April 12th. Showed distended pancreatic duct,
distended hepatic (liver)
duct and Common Bile
duct. Scheduled May 2
for a MRI and MRICP
I have a lot of pain, I was just wondering if anyone
is dealing with any of
this ? I am a retired LPN.
I have Googled reputable
Medical web sites and
they say. A combination
of the Common Bile duct distention and Pancreatic
duct distention combined with abdominal pain; is a strong indicator for
pancreatic cancer. Has any one on here had anything going on like this ??

Generalized pain

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Fangirl


    Hi! I know the window of waiting is a terrible place to be. Your heart is in your throat with worry. I’m just going to say, you’re doing the right thing, you’re doing all you can right now. You’ve got good doctors and you’ll have some answers soon. In the meanwhile, look for ways to curb that anxiety. Talk about it here or with others in your life. Spend time outside, walking if you can. Do some fun, distracting things. More than likely, whatever is wrong is going to be manageable. I’ve jumped to conclusions along my EPI journey too and have had weeks of worry that ended up not being necessary. As a cancer survivor, I understand your anxiety and know it is just about impossible to avoid. Stay off Google for now.

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