I'm just exhausted. I'm tired of feeling depressed all the time. I'm tired of being in pain. I'm just tired of it all. I just want to get better and be happy for once. I just want to wake up and not want to go back to sleep because I don't want to deal with the world that day. I'm just tired. I've come so far in my mental health journey but I still feel like I'm moving at snail pace sometimes and it takes all of my energy to just do that. I'm just ready to truly be happy for once in a long time.


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  • Kelliemoon


    Hi Michael, you can be happy it might take a little bit of brainwashing yourself lol Get up and do small things that makes you feel self gratifying like complete projects around the house make a list the night before of things that you would like to accomplish in a day or two. My therapist told me if you do something consistently for 40 days your brain actually can change. Also jot a few words down every day of your feelings call a close friend or a parent be consistent in what you do whether it’s exercise or walking do it for 40 days and see how you feel. God bless you and good luck

  • Bree1


    Hey I feel the same way

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