yk whats annoying? when i get really upset and anxious(at the same time especially) i cant control what i do for to long bc the emotions overwhelm me and my body…which leads to me hitting my damn self… now my head really hurts

side note: its been getting really hard lately. ive been feeling super lonely, college burnt me out in less than a month, im tired and just wanna go far away. :/

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Vixella


    I get that too and what I do to help is I take a minute and take a deep breathe and remember what makes me happy in life and I think about what keeps me going

  • Flamegal_Rae


    I dig at my fingers without even thinking and lately it feels like there’s something on me and I itch myself super bad but I try breathing and thinking calm thoiggts

  • Foxyuniverse


    I scratch without realizing it hit my head

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