I feel kinda weird posting or even speaking about my ED for the first time because everyone I know didn't ever see me when I was really bad... but I just got diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. and I've been staying super super sick as it is gastrointestinally and I feel like it's just kinda triggered it all again and my husband noted I've lost a lot of weight like an unhealthy amount in the time it started, and I told him I was sick and he was blunt with me. he told me "no you aren't eating. I haven't seen you eat anything, like ever you don't take lunch to work or anything you barely drink anything you don't cook for yourself anymore I don't like what you are doing" and I feel really bad... it started out as me staying super sick and I ate less because I was sick and now I'm not nearly eating at all.. not sure where to go from here..

Eating Disorder

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  • Simmy


    I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this. I can relate 💕 stay strong, recovery is always possible! Rooting for you.

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