I'm Stephen. I was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 prostate cancer.
this is my first year. I'm on hormone treatment of abiraterone acetate and pregnasone. the pregnasone itself seems to be the only cause of most the nasty In convinces. Hot flashes, appetite, lack of sleep. weight gain, etc. After a year it seems that continuing this regiment is going to be a challenge. I'm also experiencing labito issues. is there a better way?
I read about a treatment that excluded the pregnasone. I'm going to see my o oncologist soon . I'm not sure when , sometime I'm may. I need a bit of ammunition for next appointment.
The side effect of the labito is important. I lost one girl over this and Im starting another relationship. I'm very active with work and other stuff.
I can only explain so much to a love interest. perhaps enhancement medication are in order.

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  • Phylly


    Your pad is low that’s what causing the problem

  • Goodman


    I have been using fenbendazole and it has brought my PSA down from 30 to 15 in a month.

  • Bonka


    I have never heard of fenbendazole! My PSA has risen for the past year. I have metastatic stage for prostate cancer. I’ve been using Zytiga and Lupron. Is there any thing else my oncologist can use. I just moved from California to Ohio. I’m currently in the process of getting a new oncologist. I would love any suggestions.

  • Bonka


    My PSA is now 17.1

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