There are 2 wonderful families that I have had the privilege to feel a part of. First one is the Vail family from Minnesota. They moved to Utah in the late 1970s in a town called Riverton. My family move to Riverton in 1976.

Larry and Betty Vail had 9 children and I love them all.....Kevin, Debbie, Patrick, Terrance, Kelly, Rebecca, Brian, Steven, and Michael. Patrick was almost a boyfriend but I was stupid so he is married to someone else.

In 1989 I met Arnie Schmit. He comes from a family of 8 children. Earl and Elain Schmit were the parents. Arnie and I were together for 18.5 years and I wish things were as such to still be married to him. He was child number 4. The oldest is Karen, then Russell, Peggy, Arnold, Richard, Victor, Ronald and David.

Now it is 2022......these huge wonderful families are now broken apart. Parents are dead and siblings don't even keep in very sad. Please people know that families are precious. Love, understanding and forgiveness will keep families strong.......does negative changes in social fabric depress you, too?


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