I've been dealing with ADHD since I can remember but my parents never allowed me to get medication treatment. Its taken its toll on my adult life tremendously and I cant seem to afford any treatments. Does anyone have any affordable treatment recommendations?

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  • djslimetime


    I was also in a similar situation, I understand how frustrating it is going through that. In my experience as a college student, community colleges and universities offer amazing mental health support along with psychiatric help, with a very affordable price tag. If that's not an option for you, a lot of practices do offer payment plans over a very long period of time if you were to go that route. Or if where you live offers it, there are government assistance programs for helping with medical bills and the cost of prescriptions. I live in the US and that has helped me tremendously. Good luck on your treatment journey, I hope you can find the path that works for you!

  • IcedChai


    Have you tried GoodRX. It might be an option

  • simplyhades


    i'm in a similar situation and was wondering the same thing

  • tinycrafter


    I use Cerebral (online) for my meds and therapy... they have varying plans based on needs, but my meds are $20/month and the rest of the access starts at like $30 or $40/month. Much more affordable than most places I have found. Hope this helps!

    • Lily0318


      do they take insurance or is it only pay them directly?

      • hysteria


        they do take insurance, I was using them I the interim until I saw a new Dr and it's not a bad service to use, though, depending on your state they cannot prescribe anything labeled as a narcotic so I would check that out before paying anything.

  • Leaves


    I was actually put in the opposite position of you which is an interesting take. I started medication at 6 years old, and stopped it when I was 16. I’m almost 22 now and have been in medicated for 6 years and it’s very difficult to learn how to deal with your brain after all of the years of not having to. As for your post, it was actually cheaper for my mom as a kid to pay for my medications out of pocket rather than with insurance (not sure what state you live in) in that case they will offer you payment plans or a bigger dose so that your medication will last longer for you (having to buy it less)!

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