I recently found myself the perfect woman (to me) she knows exactly how to calm me down when I'm upset. But today has been especially rough. We have been fighting n arguing a lot today n over the last couple of days. We have been doing this bc today we got evicted from the apartment I lived in for the past year n a half n I can't stand change n being homeless is a lot of change. We r currently stayin the night at my friend's mothers house. N my ex, her new man, my baby mama, n her man. have been flirty n touchy feely right in front of us. a lil bit ago they made pizza but instead of handing me a slice they wanted me to go across my baby mamas apt to get a piece. Does nobody understand how much hell I'm going through mentally? My girlfriend has it worse bc the last 7 months of her life have been hell in itself. she lost her mom n it wrecked her n idk how to get her to let me in so I can help her carry that burden. That way she don't have to deal with a loved ones death n I don't have to deal with this hell alone...

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    Yeah, I thought I found one that understood. We arent together anymore.

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