past couple of days. I've woken up with what feels like chest pressure. it's hard to really explain. It's not painful, but before bed time I did have some quick stabbing pains that left after seconds on my right side of my chest. I think the stabbing pain lasted at least 5 second and went away and recurred intermittent at least 2 times and each time it didn't last very long and then it was gone never returned.

12:40am I heard some strange noise which sound like someone knocking on the door? I stayed up actually I didn't go back to bed. so somewhere around 3am I felt what feels like a pressure in my chest. or if something was stuck in my esophagus.

I got up and exercised a bit, it didn't seem to get worse. I exercised a few times probably 2 minutes of exercise every hour. reason so little amount of time is because I was worried if it was an cardiac event I didn't want to force it. so I gradually we exercised which includes jogging in place and doing some stretches.

I started to feel better somewhere around maybe 8am? keep in mind the pressure was constant like as if something was stuck on my esophagus etc. I thought maybe I had gotten a chest cold, so I started to cough here and there to bring it up.

as I write this I have what feels like a migraine coming on. also some days the top of my feet feel like the skin is tight if I try to bend my feet towards me upwards

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Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)

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