Has anyone had a spinal injection to treat their back pain? If so, how did it go? Did it work for you?

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  • AliceKnope24


    Be careful with them and make sure you are going to a doctor that you have complete confidence in that 100% understands the complex anatomy of someone with Spina Bifida. I got a facet joint injection in my back and it was right at my Spina Bifida repair site. This caused a chronic debilitating pain disorder caused arachnoiditis.

    • Kayaker3


      can you say more about that? What kind of symptoms did you experience after the injection?

      • AliceKnope24


        during the injection I had shooting pain from my back down my leg. Afterwords I had severe pain in the middle of my back where my Spina Bifida repair is worse than the low back pain before. It was nerve type pain nauseating stinging stabbing aching and I couldn’t stand for longer than a few minutes or walk for more than a few minutes. I constantly had to be sitting, laying down was too painful. If you look up arachnoiditis that is what ended up happening as it caused inflammation to the arachnoid lining in the spinal cord. He basically injected into my sac since it was so close even though it was X-ray guided. I got a $20,000 procedure to try and fix it which helped for a while but the pain is back now. Most people with arachnoiditis have gotten it from injections specifically epidurals. There is an app that you and your doctor can download from the Sba that has a treatment protocol to know the best way to treat someone with Spina Bifida. Everyone is different so not saying not to get injections just saying from my experience and the other people I have talked to it is something people with Spina Bifida need to be careful with. Make sure your doctor know Spina Bifida and how the injections will help or not help it.

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